captoinfo - convert a termcap description into a terminfo description


captoinfo [tic-option] [file ...]

captoinfo -V


captoinfo translates terminal descriptions. It looks in each given text file for termcap entries and, for each one found, writes an equivalent terminfo description to the standard output stream. termcap tc capabilities translate to terminfouse” capabilities.

If no files are specified, captoinfo interprets the content of the environment variable TERMCAP as a file name, and extracts only the entry for the terminal named in the environment variable TERM from it. If the environment variable TERMCAP is not set, captoinfo reads /etc/termcap.

This utility is implemented as a link to tic(1), with the latter’s -I option implied. You can use other tic options such as -1, -f, -v, -w, and -x. The -V option reports the version of ncurses associated with this program and exits with a successful status.

Translations from Nonstandard Capabilities
translates some obsolete, nonstandard capabilities into standard (SVr4/XSI Curses) terminfo capabilities. It issues a diagnostic to the standard error stream for each, inviting the user to check that it has not mistakenly translated an unknown or mistyped capability name.

Image /var/www/mancx/application/src/../www/___/img/man1/man1/captoinfo1.png

XENIX termcap had a set of extension capabilities, corresponding to box drawing characters of CCSID (“code page”) 437, as follows.

Image /var/www/mancx/application/src/../www/___/img/man1/man1/captoinfo2.png

captoinfo composes single-line capabilities into an acsc string, and discards GG and double-line capabilities with a warning diagnostic.

IBM’s AIX has a terminfo facility descended from SVr1 terminfo, but which is incompatible with the SVr4 format. captoinfo translates the following AIX extensions.

Image /var/www/mancx/application/src/../www/___/img/man1/man1/captoinfo3.png

Additionally, this program translates the AIX box1 capability to an acsc string.

The HP-UX terminfo library supports two nonstandard terminfo capabilities, meml (memory lock) and memu (memory unlock). captoinfo discards these with a warning message.



default termcap terminal capability database


X/Open Curses, Issue 7 (2009) describes tic briefly, but omits this program.

SVr4 systems provide captoinfo as a separate application from tic. Its -v option does not accept a trace level argument n; repeat -v n times instead.

NetBSD does not provide this application.


Eric S. Raymond <esr [AT]> and
Thomas E. Dickey <dickey [AT]>


infocmp(1), tic(1), ncurses(3NCURSES), terminfo(5)