crontab - maintain crontab files for individual users


crontab [-u user] file
crontab [-u user] [-l | -r | -e | -s] [-i]

default operation is replace

-u, --user

edit some other user’s crontab

-l, --list

list user’s crontab

-r, --remove

delete user’s crontab

-e, --edit

edit user’s crontab

-s, --show

show all user who have a crontab

-i, --ask

prompt before deleting user’s crontab


Crontab is the program used to let users install, deinstall or list recurrent jobs in the legacy cron format.
Each user can have their own crontab, and though these are files in /var/spool/cron/crontabs, they are not intended to be edited directly.
These jobs are then automatically translated in systemd Timers & Units by systemd-crontab-generator.



Directory for users crontabs.


list of users that can use crontab


list of users that aren’t allowed to use crontab
(by default, only root can use crontab)


SELinux is not supported.
Some extra settings can only be tweaked with

systemctl edit cron-<schedule>.[timer|service]
see systemd.cron(7) for more details.


Konstantin Stepanov <me [AT]>
Alexandre Detiste <alexandre [AT]> for this manpage & setgid helper