CURSOR(1) BSD General Commands Manual CURSOR(1)


cursor — set cursor shape for the pcvt VT220 video driver


cursor [−d device] [−n screenno] [−s lineno] [−e lineno]


The cursor utility allows the user to set the cursor shape in a given virtual screen of the above mentioned driver.

The options are as follows:


Specifies a device for which the cursor shape is set.


Sets the virtual screen number to apply the following parameters to. Not specifying this parameter implies the current virtual screen or the screen referenced by the -d parameter.


Specifies the starting (top) scanline the cursor should have.


Specifies the last (bottom) scanline the cursor should have.

Be aware of the fact that the parameters need to be adjusted for the current size of the characterfont in use, on EGA and VGA boards sizes of 8, 14 and 16 scanlines are currently supported.


The command ’’cursor -s3 -e10’’ sets the cursor on the current virtual screen to a rectangular shape on a 14 line VGA screen.


No known bugs


loadfont(1), scon(1), pcvt(4)

BSD March 27, 2000 BSD