LOADFONT(1) BSD General Commands Manual LOADFONT(1)


loadfont — pcvt utility for loading fonts into VGA/EGA boards


loadfont [−c charsetno] [−d devicefile] [−f fontfilename] [−i]


The loadfont utility is used to load fonts needed for proper operation of the pcvt VT220 driver on EGA and VGA boards into the font ram of this boards.

The options are as follows:


Specifies the slot, the font is to load into. EGA boards have four slots and VGA boards have eight slots available for downloading fonts.


Specifies the devicefile to use.


Specifies the file which contains the font to be downloaded.


Gives information what type(s) of font do currently reside in which slot. This is also the default behaviour if no options are specified on the commandline.

This utility is used only on EGA and VGA boards, as MDA, HCG and CGA boards do not have downloadable character sets available.


The following fontfiles are available in the pcvt distribution:

/usr/share/misc/pcvtfonts/vt220l.808: 8x8 IBM II font


8x8 Extension font


8x10 IBM II font


8x10 Extension font


8x14 IBM II font


8x14 Extension font


8x16 IBM II font


8x16 Extension font


The command ’’loadfont -c0 -f/usr/share/misc/pcvtfonts/vt220l.816’’ loads a 8x16 font containing the standard IBM characterset II into font slot 0 on a VGA or EGA board.


No known bugs


cursor(1), scon(1), pcvt(4), ispcvt(8)

BSD March 27, 2000 BSD