lyskom − read LysKOM in an old-fashioned way (without Emacs)


lyskom [--iso|--sw7|--pc8|--mac] [--tomradavslutar] [server[:portnumber]]


With lyskom you can connect to your favorite LysKOM computerized conference system server and take part in discussions, ask questions, and get in touch with interesting people.


If the --iso option is used, all output to your terminal is done without conversions. This is the default.

If the --sw7 option is used, all output to your terminal will be in the old Swedish 7 bit per character code ISO 646-SE2. By default, lyskom will use the more modern 8 bit code ISO 8859/1.

If the --pc8 or --mac options are used the client converts to a 8-bit pc character set or a mac character set respectively.

If the --tomradavslutar option is used the text will be entered at the second consecutive newline given. Otherwise you will have to enter the text explicitly using EOF or a command.

If the name of a server host is given, lyskom will connect to the LysKOM server at that host. By default, lyskom will connect to a LysKOM server selected when the software was compiled.


If you ever used the old Svenska KOM program from QZ on a Tops-10 or TOPS-20 mainframe, you will feel at home with lyskom. It uses almost the same command syntax and editing.

If you have tried the Emacs Lisp client lyskom.el, you will notice that lyskom is faster. On the other hand, lyskom is not quite as versatile as lyskom.el, at least not yet. This is much due to the versatility of GNU Emacs.

As lyskom uses the well defined LysKOM protocol A between client and server, it can connect to all compatible LysKOM servers. There are already half a dozen such servers running, with more expected.


You control lyskom by typing commands. Whenever lyskom is waiting for a new command, it suggests a command which it presumes may be appropriate. If you wish to enter that command, press return, otherwise type any other command. You only have to type enough of each word for lyskom to be able to distinguish the command from others. Parenthesised words are ignored.

Some commands require an argument, in which case lyskom prompts for it. Alternatively, you may enter the argument at the end of the line of the command.


Lysator’s computer handbook on LysKOM:

The LysKOM FTP archive:


There are a lot of bugs and deficiencies in lyskom, and probably even more bugs yet to be discovered.

This manual page should explain the command syntax.

The --tomradavslutar option should have toggle ability from within the client. This will be fixed when we implement general flag handling. We will then also save the flags’ values in the server.

Please report bugs and deficiencies in the conference ’’LysKOM ttyklienten’’ in Lysator’s KOM, or send mail to <bug-lyskom [AT]> (or <linus [AT]>).


Thomas Bellman <bellman [AT]> has written most of the code. He is now working on a much more advanced and much better client.

Linus Tolke <linus [AT]> has made a lot of additions.