latency − Xenomai timer latency benchmark


latency [ options ]


latency is part of the Xenomai test suite. It is a timer latency benchmark program. The system must run a suitable Xenomai enabled kernel with the respective module (xeno_timerbench).


latency accepts the following options:


print histograms of min, avg, max latencies

−g <file>

dump histogram to <file> in a format easily readable with gnuplot. An example script for gnuplot may be found in scripts/ in Xenomai sources distribution


print statistics of min, avg, max latencies

−H <histogram−size>

default = 200, increase if your last bucket is full

−B <bucket−size>

default = 1000ns, decrease for more resolution

−p <period_us>

sampling period

−l <data−lines per header>

default=21, 0 to suppress headers

−T <test_duration_seconds>

default=0, so ^C to end


suppresses RTD, RTH lines if −T is used

−D <testing_device_no>

number of testing device, default=0

−t <test_mode>

0=user task (default), 1=kernel task, 2=timer IRQ


freeze trace for each new max latency

−c <cpu>

pin measuring task down to given CPU

−P <priority>

task priority (test mode 0 and 1 only)


break upon mode switch


latency was written by Philippe Gerum. This man page was written by Roland Stigge.