iso_8859-11 - ISO 8859-11 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal


The ISO 8859 standard includes several 8-bit extensions to the ASCII character set (also known as ISO 646-IRV). ISO 8859-11 encodes the characters used in the Thai language.

ISO 8859 alphabets
The full set of ISO 8859 alphabets includes:

ISO 8859-11 characters
The following table displays the characters in ISO 8859-11 that are printable and unlisted in the ascii(7) manual page.


ISO 8859-11 is the same as TIS (Thai Industrial Standard) 620-2253, commonly known as TIS-620, except for the character in position A0: ISO 8859-11 defines this as NO-BREAK SPACE, while TIS-620 leaves it undefined.


ascii(7), charsets(7), utf-8(7)


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