flashcache_load − load an existing writeback cache volume


Attach a previously created flashcache volume to the system. The loaded volume will appear as as /dev/mapper/cachedevname.

This command is useful in writeback mode only. For the writethrough and writearound* the flashcache_load** command is not needed; Instead flashcache_create(8) should be used each time. See the flashcache_create(8) for a description of supported cache mods.


flashcache_load cache_devname [cachedev_name]


flashcache_load cachedev /dev/sdc

Load the existing writeback cache on /dev/sdc, using the virtual cachedev_name from when the device was created. When upgrading from an older flashcache device format that didn't store the cachedev name internally, or the cachedev name shall be changed, the new cachedev name can be supplied as a second argument to flashcache_load.


flashcache_create(8), flashcache_destroy(8)

README and other documents in /usr/share/doc/flashcache−utils

The flashcache source code and all documentation may be downloaded from <>;.


Flashcache is developed by Mohan Srinivasan <mohan [AT]>

This man page was written by Dmitry Smirnov <onlyjob [AT]> for Debian GNU/Linux (but may be used to others).