fbstat - analyze firebird database


fbstat [command] [option...] [server:]database
fbstat -h server:db
fbstat -all server:db
fbstat -data server:db


(Note: Due to file-level conflict, the Debian package has changed the name of gstat to fbstat.)

fbstat Analyzes Firebird databases and produces different kinds of reports. These are useful when analyzing where all this huge disk space has gone or when estimating evaluating index efficiency.



Analyze data and index pages.


Analyze data pages.


Analyze system tables.


Display information from the database header, skip analyzing any tables.


Analyze leaf index pages.


Analyze average record and version length.

-table table

Analyze data pages used by the given table.


Suppress creation date.

-user name
-password secret
-fetch_password file

Authentication parameters.



Displays version number.


Copyright (C) 2010, Damyan Ivanov.

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