dh_auto_install - automatically runs make install or similar


dh_auto_install [build system options] [debhelper options] [-- params]


dh_auto_install is a debhelper program that tries to automatically install built files. It does so by running the appropriate command for the build system it detects the package uses. For example, if there’s a Makefile and it contains a install target, then this is done by running make (or MAKE , if the environment variable is set). If there is a or Build.PL, it is used. Note that the Ant build system does not support installation, so dh_auto_install will not install files built using Ant.

Unless --destdir option is specified, the files are installed into debian/package/ if there is only one binary package. In the multiple binary package case, the files are instead installed into debian/tmp/, and should be moved from there to the appropriate package build directory using dh_install(1).

DESTDIR is used to tell make where to install the files. If the Makefile was generated by MakeMaker from a Makefile.PL, it will automatically set PREFIX=/usr too, since such Makefiles need that.

This is intended to work for about 90% of packages. If it doesn’t work, or tries to use the wrong install target, you’re encouraged to skip using dh_auto_install at all, and just run make install manually.


See " BUILD SYSTEM OPTIONS " in debhelper(7) for a list of common build system selection and control options.

Install files into the specified directory. If this option is not specified, destination directory is determined automatically as described in the " DESCRIPTION " section.

-- params

Pass params to the program that is run, after the parameters that dh_auto_install usually passes.



This program is a part of debhelper.


Joey Hess <joeyh [AT]>