noip2 - Dynamic DNS Update Client (DUC)


noip2 [ -C [ -F][ -Y][ -L hosts_groups][ -U #min][ -u username][ -p password][ -x progname]][ -c file][ -d][ -D pid][ -i addr][ -S][ -M][ -h]


The Dynamic DNS Update Client (DUC) periodically checks the local IP address to see if it has changed. If the IP address has changed, the client notifies the DNS servers and updates the IP address corresponding to the user’s No-IP/No-IP+ configured hostname(s).

A valid account is required.

The client communicates with the server over TCP on port 8245 (outgoing).



create configuration data file


force NAT off


select all hosts/groups

-L hosts_groups

select supplied hosts/groups (Example: -L,Group1,Group2,

-U minutes

set update interval in minutes (Example: Set -U 30 for 30 minutes)

-u username

use supplied username

-p password

use supplied password

-x executable

use supplied executable

-c config_file

use alternate path to store configuration data file (Example: -c /path/to/noip2.conf_file)


increase debug verbosity

-D processID

toggle debug flag for PID

-i IPaddress

use supplied address. This option is also useful to run the client once and exit.

-I interface

use supplied interface


show configuration data


permit multiple instances

-K processID

terminate instance PID


activate shm dump code


Display usage information



Configuration data file, generated by running noip2 −C (binary file).


noip2 can be distributed under the terms of the GPLv2 license. A copy of the license can be found under /usr/share/common−licenses/GPL−2